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Don’t lose out on this tremendous advantage and sell your property to any part of the world. We specialize in everything from apartments, villas, townhouses, plots, renovation projects, country-houses, French farmhouses, leasebacks & partly finished projects. We accept all types of property as we sell to all types of buyers and investors, mainly residing overseas.


You set the price

Have a realistic and competitive asking resale price, or our team can help pricing your home correctly.

A lot more reach

You will not lose buyers because of language, time or exposure, We solve this problem

Sell faster

Keys to a sucessful sale? A good sales price, international consultants, strict prospect filter, legal support and an excellent negotiator.

We're your filter

Our team will receive all the leads and filter everyone, finding qualified buyers. No more undesired calls

Cheapest option

Good work is never for free, but we can offer the cheapest and most complete option available. From only 1.5% commission.

advanced Marketing

International multilingual exposure by experts in marketing, Google Ads and social media.

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