A unique and personalized service

Real Estate Personal Shopper

Whether you are a private buyer or an investor, we will find a property that is perfectly suited to your needs and wishes.

Our experience is key to guaranteeing you the best purchase.

With our strict criteria, you will be able to make an optimal purchase in an easy, safe and convenient way.

What is the difference?

The difference in fees between a real estate agency and your personal real estate shopper is not established based on % of fees at a higher price, a higher commission.

Our rates ensure that the interests of a buyer client never conflict with those of the seller.

Get the best possible price.

Fixed rates depending on the value of the home you are looking for or selling, prices from € 3,500

Mixed fees, initiation fees, and a percentage of the amount that we save the client during negotiations.

Pay in proportion to our success

A simple process
In short, all your needs and preferences.

  • You only have to indicate what type of property you want (house, apartment, duplex, ground floor, commercial premises, etc.)

  • The preferred location, the desired surface, the number of bedrooms, and other features, such as garden, balcony, pool or parking ...

  • The price you want to pay (A financial advisor available to get a suitable mortgage)

Once we have all this data collected, our Personal Shopper will start working, optimizing his time, saving money and managing the purchase and sale procedure.

Personal Shopper Inmobiliaria

Our Experts

Should you hire a personal shopper?

The new trend in America and the Nordic countries. Until relatively recently this service was limited to buyers with high purchasing power, however, more and more people trust professional agents when acquiring a property. 


The advantages are many:


Get the home of your dreams!