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Can I really Sell Without Paying Or Dealing With Agencies?​

Hundreds of hours lost on the phone, curious callers without solvency, paying exorbitant agent fees, unable to reach international buyers and investors. Negotiations without real value, unproductive viewings, paying platforms where your property gets lost immediately, and numerous daily calls from agencies.

Any of this sounds familiar to you?

VM Personal shoppers can help you deal directly with our network without any cost for you.
Value your time, we are buyer’s agents, and our purpose is to offer our clients your property. Claim your free listing today

Sell Your Property
Sell Your Property
Sell Your Property
Sell Your Property

Tailormade Just For You

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You set the terms.

Selling or buying is a long and exhausting journey when doing it alone. If you’re looking to sell your  property online, we can help kick-start your marketing with a free listing to help you find thousands of buyers. 

How it works

VM Danish Real Estate Personal Shoppers excel at helping you attract overseas buyers and sell your property online with maximum exposure. If you need to sell quickly, multilingual exposure is the key to attracting global buyers.

You’ll have access to multilingual agents and legal support, so you won’t have to lose your time on calls from agencies and unproductive inquiries.

We add our fixed fees to the sale price, simplicity at the right price. We value your time.

Why it works

In an ever-increasing digital age, digital exposure, multilanguage agents, and legal support are crucial to connecting buyers and sellers. Did you know that over 90% of properties sold overseas were initially found online? We cover all the key global platforms to ensure that thousands of buyers and our partner agents can access your property, especially clients searching from overseas.
By creating XML feeds we can instantaneously promote your listings through the best portals: We also have in-house experts in Google Ads and social media marketing to ensure your property is always available for potential buyers to view across any internet search for your region

Villas Mondragon Can Offer You

Don’t lose out on this tremendous advantage and sell your property to any part of the world. We specialize in everything from apartments, villas, townhouses, plots, renovation projects, country-houses, French farmhouses, leasebacks & partly finished projects. We accept all types of property as we sell to all types of buyers and investors, mainly residing overseas.


You set the price

Have a realistic and competitive asking resale price, or our team can help pricing your home correctly.

A lot more reach

You will not lose buyers because of language, time or exposure, We solve this problem

Sell faster

Keys to a sucessful sale? A good sales price, international consultants, strict prospect filter, legal support and an excellent negotiator.

We're your filter

Our team will receive all the leads and filter everyone, finding qualified buyers. No more undesired calls

Cheapest option

Good work is never for free, but we can offer the cheapest and most complete option available. A fixed rate paid by the buyer is included in the sales price

advanced Marketing

International multilingual exposure by experts in marketing, Google Ads and social media.

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Villas Mondragon

We have established Villas Mondragón as part of VM Danish Real Estate Personal Shoppers. Our goal is to spread this new trend from America and Nordic countries across the Spanish Coast.

We’re a team of professionals spanning through Denmark, Luxembourg, France, Mèxico, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, and England.

We believe that selling or purchasing a property can be easy, fast, exclusive, and 100% safe, especially when you hire a personal shopper who does everything for you.

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